Andre Mora


One of the newer members of the NGU Foundation, Andre Mora was born in Mexico but raised in the small island community of Key Biscayne, Florida. Andre played a key part growing up in this tight knit family-oriented community. Beginning in high school and throughout college he coached the island’s youth in Baseball and Flag Football programs for 7 years. Throughout those years he watched the kids in his teams grow older and go from asking him who his favorite baseball player was to “how do I ask this girl out to the movies?”.

Andre’s years as a youth coach instilled in him the desire to help all children in need and was a main motivator in his joining the Foundation. Along with Andre’s commitment to the NGU mission, he brings a business background having graduated with honors from the Florida International University with a degree in Business Administration.

“My hero is always going to be me 10 years from now” – Matthew McConaughey

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