How we Do it

We are a small team of passionate individuals who donate our time to this incredible effort. We work many hours, long after our day job is done. We too get tired and frustrated and sad at the events of the world, particularly in which defenseless children are involved. Due to the small size of our team, we have learned to network hard and, in the process, sincere friendships have formed.

We also leverage any and all contacts from our previous lives, back in our home countries. Our efforts wouldn’t be possible without our donors, who often reach deep to satisfy and overpass our goals. Currently, we participate in fitness events such as cycling races, 5k runs, fishing competition, and other sporting events to raise awareness about our foundation. Since we solely rely on donations and any funds collected during events, we design, distribute, and sell branded apparel and jewelry to be able to sponsor more child(ren) in less time.

We hope to create noise, raise awareness, and spread our reach into the world with the same care and love we have for our children.

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